Jose Lora
Personal Trainer, Elite Powerlifter & Weightlifter.

He is also the mastermind behind numerous training programs. Learning from him is guaranteed success!

His lengthy and glorious list of accolades consists of 22 years of training people and working out, playing professional football in Division 1 as an efficient running back in 2005, and numerous other distinctions that are listed below:

  • Squashed his opponents in amateur boxing in 2009, with a professional boxing license. 
  • Effortlessly won the PowerHouse Deadlifting Competition. 
  • Won the prestigious Arnold Classic Bench Press Competition in 2019.  
  • Extraordinarily delivered an alien-like feat of winning the 2019 and 2020 Superhuman title while displaying three world records for squats, bench, and overhead pre. 
  • Created the groundbreaking concept of the famous Hybrid League at his gym, for the purpose of instilling motivation and fitness guidance in all fitness lovers. 

In addition to the Hybrid League, Mr. Lora also owns 1 More Rep Athletics Gym. The well-renowned, widely considered as an elite strength support facility, is located in Roxbury, Boston, MA.

Teaching Bootcamp since 2005 

The primary aim of a fitness bootcamp is to provide a whole-body workout that thoroughly builds strength and aerobic endurance. The reason why bootcamps are prominent nowadays is because they offer: a challenging, competitive, and joyful workout regime. Also, you do not need special equipment. 

Allen Abxgod
Personal Trainer

Allen Abxgod has been personal training since the end of 2013. 
Allen Abxgod says: 

“One of my main reasons for loving personal training is experiencing the heavenly sight of pure happiness being achieved by trainees/individuals while they train. Specializing in abs, as was my destined purpose as is hinted by my name, I will help you build a stronger core. 

I firmly believe in the groundbreaking benefits of following an organic nutritional regime, which consists of: 

  • Enjoying tasteful smoothies made with fresh fruits and vegetables, twice a day. 
  • Or, a nutritious protein smoothie made with various nuts, granola, and protein powder. 

These recipes are ideal for maintaining optimal body performance. 

My experience as a personal trainer consists of: 

  • Visible and dramatic body results (fat loss and weight gain). 
  • A specialized fitness regime focusing on goals (any fitness preference).
  • Strong mindset (in and out of gym).
  • Healthier eating habits guidance (for any dietary preference).

ABS Blast Class 

Mr. Abxgod has been teaching ab routines since 2014. Abs workouts strengthen vital muscles around the spins and also improve your posture as the body’s weight is equally distributed. Abdominal workouts also enhance harmony between muscles, significantly improving your balance, posture, and stability. 

Twon Brown
Personal Trainer

Twon Brown is a I.S.S.A. and Senior Fitness Certified PT, having effective experience H.I.I.T. training, and Group Exercise training,  Over 500 of his clients, up to date, have experienced life-changing results. 
Mr. Brown writes: 
“Versatility is my motto, as I have taught classes ranging from H.I.I.T. to Hip-Hop dance. My journey of life is to help my community and beyond by providing them with the critical awareness of ‘Health and Wellness’. 
My name is Twon Brown, and I am committed to being a trainer who holds you accountable for all of your stunning accomplishments. 

@1moreRepathletics; since we do not know the word ‘impossible’, we strive to show you several fruitful ways to achieve your goals. No matter where you stand in your fitness journey, we will certainly ignite your resolute efforts to success. 
Come, join us. 

Instructor James
Fitness Boxing Trainer

Instructor James is a master in Kinesiology. 
Fitness boxing is a mesmerizing aerobic exercise due to its vast requirements and movements. This form of exercise is excellent cardio because it gets your heart pumping, which in turn reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. 
It can strengthen bones and muscles, burn more calories, and lift mood. 
Michelle Rubiera 

Dance Instructor 

Michelle Rubiera has been teaching Zumba since 2009. Impressively, she has also been tutoring Latin Dance since 2000. 

Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness. 

Zumba is an aerobic activity that aptly meets the requirements of aerobic activity recommended for most healthy lifestyle choices.

Michelle Rubiera
Dance Instructor

Michelle Rubiera
Zumba/ Zumba step had been teaching Zumba since 2009
Has been teaching Latin dance since 2000
Zumba routines incorporate interval training — alternating fast and slow rhythms — to help improve cardiovascular fitness. Zumba is an aerobic activity that can count toward the amount of aerobic activity recommended for most healthy